Corporate Profile

A Nigerian consumer brands and distribution powerhouse.

Headquartered in Lagos, we are a fast moving consumer products company with an array of market leading brands across the personal care, home care and beauty & cosmetics categories.

A part of the $350 million. Enpee Group – a diversified, transnational conglomerate – Saponaria Industries was incorporated as a limited liability company in the year 2002 and commenced full operations in 2003. Over the years, we have built world class infrastructure for the manufacture & distribution of high quality bar and liquid soaps, scouring powders and all kinds of liquid cleaning products for household applications.

As Nigeria’s leading FMCG company, Saponaria Industries owns some of the most sought after brands catering to a cross-section of consumers in West Africa’s growing economies. Today, Kampe, Riya, Brite and Sapona are category leaders with a strong brand loyalty across Nigeria’s socio-economic classes. Our recently launched range of beauty care and cosmetics products under the brand name Zenta extends our product and brand portfolio into the cosmetics & beauty care categories.

Saponaria’s strong manufacturing capabilities and distribution strengths are augmented by a continuous focus on brand innovation that dovetails into a larger corporate mission; to contribute to a cleaner, healthier Nigeria.