Home Care

Saponaria’s home care brands are helping Nigerian home makers keep their homes and living environments clean and hygienic. Across laundry soaps, kitchen and toilet cleaners & hand wash liquids, we enjoy a strong market presence with category leading brands such as Kampe, Sanitol, Brite & Power.

Learn more about our range of home care products here:

  • Laundry Soaps

    Kampe Green Laundry Soap – 125g, 160g, 500g

    • Most popular laundry soap for fabric wash
    • Carton pack sizes – 125g x 100pcs, 160g x 100pcs, 500g x 30pcs.
  • Multipurpose Soaps

    Kampe White Multipurpose Soap with Cellophane wrapper – 150g

    • Fragrant, best suited for bathing and fabric care.
    • Carton pack size – 150g x 48pcs

    Kampe White Multipurpose Soap – 160g

    • Best suited for bathing as well as laundry.
    • Carton pack size – 160 x 60pcs

    Kampe Brown Translucent Multipurpose Soap – 150g & 160g

    • Strong cleaning capabilities for laundry and bathing.
    • Carton pack sizes – 150g x 48pcs, 160g x 60pcs
  • Detergent

    Kampe Active Detergent – 200g, 30g & 15g

    • Gentle on hand, tough on stains
    • Imported quality
  • Dishwashing Liquids

    Brite dish wash liquid – 200ml, 500ml, 100ml

    • With fresh lemon fragrance to keep kitchen hygienic all day.
    • Carton pack sizes – 200ml x 24 bottles, 500ml x 18 bottles, 1000ml x 12 bottles
  • Scouring Powders

    Brite Scouring Powder – 500g jar

    • For multipurpose cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Carton pack size – 500g x 20 jars
  • Toilet Cleaners

    Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 500ml & 750ml bottles

    • For bathroom and toilet cleaning application to keep it fresh and germ free.
    • Carton pack size – 750ml x 12 bottles